Running From The Taxman

A Great American Road Trip

Ronaldo Tackled by Spanish Tax Man!

Wait, they don’t tackle in soccer.  Oh well, my bad.  But alas, Ronaldo has game with the Spanish version of the U.S. IRS man.  

Oops, Like, 70% Tax, Really?

Even though your marijuana business might be legal in the state you are in, the Feds still don’t dig it, so be ready to pay them revenuers their 70% fair share.  

Getting High On The Spirit, Dude!

Marijuana church given tax-exempt status in Indiana: ‘Somebody at the IRS loves us’  Yes, and we know Jesus loves them, too.  

Hipsters Annoyance Tax

Hipsters are so done.  27% of Americans want them taxed for being annoying, poll says…

Payroll Service Agency Owner Dips Into Payroll

Steals $1.87 Million, or something like that.  “I’m not the business guy I thought I was,” he said.     

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