Running From The Taxman

A Great American Road Trip

About the Author

Chris Plante lives with his wife Loraine and two teenage sons, Nathan and Blake, in Riverside, California, where he and Loraine run a music lessons studio.  Chris doesn’t sing, dance, play trumpet, or strum guitar.  He has little to no music rhythm, so he just runs the business and writes.  Running From The Taxman, A Great American Road Trip,  was one of those things that just flowed out one morning while Chris was sitting at the computer wondering what to do that day since he couldn’t jam with everyone else.  Writing the book occupied a nice eight months of his life.  Now Chris wants to sell some copies so he can buy his wife a new cello and a new house, pay for college education for his boys, and buy a yacht for himself.  In the meantime Chris is writing another book.

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